Oway Plant & Mineral Refresh - Dry Shampoo

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A botanical-mineral dry shampoo that absorbs excess oil from the hair and scalp for that clean, fresh feeling.

• Refreshes scalp and hair between shampoos
• Absorbs excess sebum, leaving hair light and refreshed
• Eliminates odor-causing bacteria and leaves the hair scalp delicately scented
• Adds volume and texture to both clean and worn hair
• Detoxifies and the hair and scalp eliminating free radicals and environmental toxins
• Calms scalp discomfort, itching and irritation
• Prolongs hair style longevity, while re-mineralizing and strengthening the hair
• Promotes hair growth and healthy scalp environment
• Packaged in 100% infinitely recyclable, luxurious amber glass to preserve product and ingredient integrity
• Certified Cruelty Free & Vegan
• Sustainably Made in Italy

Does Not Contain:

✕ Parabens
✕ GMOs
✕ Petroleum
✕ Phthalates
✕ Synthetic Fragrance
✕ PEGs, PPGs & BGs
✕ Artificial Colorants